Open Source & Renewable Energy

The Curaçao Business Council for Sustainable Development organized a 2-day seminar on Renewable Energy on 6 and 7 October 2010. Suares & Co made a presentation about Open Source related to Energy. You can dowload the presentation:
– as PDF (for viewing on any computer)
– as ODF (if you want to edit the presentation and use it for your own)

Here’s a list of links to the examples in the presentation: read the rest of this post

OLPC: Commissioner Rosalia meets XO-laptop

During the kick-off meeting various presentations where held, by Monique Raphaela (Introduction to OLPC), Ricardo Lochan (The future of laptops), Percy Pinedo (The future of education), Harry Hoeve (Integraging ICT into Education) and Ace Suares (Teach the teacher training).

Most importantly, teachers and staff from the Reina Beatrix College in Bonaire and the Prins Bernhard School in Curacao expressed their intentions to use the laptops in the classroom. The Oranje School in St. Maarten, who couldn’t attend the meeting, also has high expectations of the project.

commissioner Rosalia meets OLPC

Commissioner Rosalia (Education) explores the OLPC XO laptop during the OLPC pilot project kick-off meeting

The pilot project is financed by Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post, and sponsored by Postspaarbank and Nieuwe Post NV. DEZ, Suares & Co and Stimul-IT also invested in the project.

Knowledge Platform Logo

The “One Laptop per Child” pilot project is a project of Kennisplatform Curacao. For more info: of, +5999 738 6299.

During the kick-off meeting, three short videos where presented, showing parts of the teach-the-teacher trainings.

How to Open the OLPC laptop (1:51)

St Maarten ICT-team speaks out after the first day of training (1:31)

OLPC Training Prins Bernhard School (7:19)

OLPC Activities – teachers from the OLPC Pliot project doing activities (8:38)

Knowledge Platform Logo

OLPC: Opening Seminar / Kick-off meeting

Willemstad, September 22, 2010
Invitation Opening Seminar “One Laptop per Child” Pilot Project

Dear Madam, Sir,
We would like to invite you the opening seminar of the “One Laptop Per Child” Pilot project, which is scheduled to take place on September 29, 2010 on Curaçao.
In addition we would like to invite you to attend a pre-seminar workshop, in which participants will have an opportunity to get to know and experiment with the “OLPC” laptop that will be used for the pilot project.


Participation in both events is free, but seating is limited, so please register in advance. For further details please refer to the attached invitation and agenda or contact Stimul-IT at 738 6299 or

We hope you will be able to join us on the 29th,
On behalf of the Knowledge Platform
the OLPC Project team

Please view the full invitation and agenda here.

Workshop: Radulphus learns about Open Source

On September 13th, a group students of the Radulphus College in Curacao, learned about Open Source. The IT-teacher Mrs. Greijmans gave 2 groups of 2 students an assignment to find out ‘what else is out there’ and one group was quite pleased with Open Source, the other group was not so happy and wanted to forbid all Free Software. On September 13th, the group in favor of Open Source gave a ‘powerpoint’ presentation, the other group didn’t, unfortunately. Ace Suares, a local Open Source and Free Software advocate, was invited to comment on the presentation and give a little presentation of his own. The students called this event ‘an eye-opener’.

Open Source and Free Software workshop Radulphus College

Students of Radulphus college. In the middle, in the pink shirt, Leomar, and to his left, on the last row, with a big smile, Diego. Leomar and Diego presented a positive and very well researched view of Free Software and Open Source. They really had a good understanding of the development model and the community.

OLPC: Training of Teachers has begun!

The One Laptop Per Child pilot project, a project of former Minister Maurice Adriaens, is well on it’s way. After some delay with the delivery of the 90 laptops, teacher training has begun. End of August 2010, the team at the Prins Bernhard School in Curacao took place, and on 7-9 September the teachers at the Oranje School in St. Maarten where introduced to this educational tool. Next up are the teachers at the Beatrix School in Bonaire (14-16 September).

OLPC Teacher Training at Oranje School, St. Maarten

7-9 September 2010 OLPC training took place in St. Maarten

On the photo above, you can see the team of the Oranje School. Below, a video impression of the training at the Prins Bernahard School in Curacao.

OLPC Training at Prins Bernhard School, Aug 2010 (7 min)

Article: Altruism makes one attractive: Open source on Curacao

Excerpt from: ‘Open Source Yearbook 2009-2010, fourth edition, June 21, 2010’ – Chapter 14: Organizations in the Picture by Jan Stedehouder. Translation edited by Ace Suares.

Governor Goedgedrag receives Open Source Yearbook from Ace Suares

Governor Goedgedrag receives Open Source Yearbook from Ace Suares

The chances for a successful migration to open source software and open standards within the government increase with clear political and administrative support. In the Netherlands, it has mainly been the Lower House of the States General that advocated the implementation of open standards and open source software, through the so-called ‘Vendrik motion‘ (2002). The State Secretary Heemskerk (Economic Affairs) and State Secretary Bijleveld (Interior and Kingdom Relations) have tried to realize the wishes of the Lower House through the action plan ‘The Netherlands in Open Connection’ (NOiV) and through accents in the ‘National Implementation Program e-Government’ (NUP), respectively. And within his portfolio, Minister Plasterk of Education, Culture and Science (OCW), was working on open educational resources in the ‘Wikiwijs‘ project . One of the challenges of the program bureau NOiV lies in tempting the politicians and senior civil servants of the public sector to carry out the wishes of the Lower House.

Open Source Yearbook 2009-2010

Open Source Yearbook 2009-2010

In the Netherlands Antilles, another part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, endorsement came from a much higher level. The Minister of Telecommunication, Maurice Adriaens showed himself to be an advocate of free and open source software by his contribution to Software Freedom Day. In his Christmas Message 20091, H.E. Frits Goedgedrag, Governor of the Netherlands Antilles (and in this capacity representative of Queen Beatrix), referred to the development of open source software and open content as shining examples of selfless contributions to a better world:

“The reality is that selflessness does work! Recently it has been established that it is actually in our benefit if we cooperate and share, instead of only thinking about ourselves and refusing to help others. An example of this can be found in the computer world. Certain software developers do not keep their information a secret, they do not scrupulously protect their discoveries and insights, but they freely share their information and make their programs available at no cost whatsoever, in order for others to use it and even make improvements.

A press release of the University of Dartmouth confirms the strength of selflessness in regard to Wikipedia, the ‘open source’ encyclopedia in which the public makes contributions, without personal gain. This is yet another example that shows success is reached by not only being focused on survival.”

The statements made by the Governor were reason to talk to Ace Suares, president of OpenSourceCuracao and tireless advocate of free and open source software. What is the situation in the Netherlands Antilles in regard to the promotion and use of free and open source software and open standards? read the rest of this post

Presentation of the Open Source Year Book 2010, Netherlands

The fourth edition of the Dutch Open Source Year Book will be presented in the Royal Library in The Hague, today. The Year Book presents an overview of the main developments in the area of open standards and free software, including the policies and implementation strategies by the government. Authors from science, politics, business, government and media will highlight their contribution. This will be followed by a debate about what this means for the future policies of the Dutch government.

This edition of the Open Source Year Book includes an article about Curaçao, which will be translated and published on this blog in about two weeks.

This session is organised by Media Update, the publisher of the Open Source Year Book, in collaboration with the Internet Society Netherlands.

More info (Dutch):

Jamaica language students meet Curaçao open source experts.

Some Language Students from Jamaica visiting Curaçao

Some Language Students from Jamaica visiting Curaçao

Every year for the past four years, a group of about 25 Language Students from Jamaica visits the Netherlands Antilles. This year, Monique Raphaëla and Ace Suares gave a lecture on OLPC and Open Source to the students, who reserved time for it on their busy schedules.

The lecture of Mrs Raphaëla (Stimul-IT) about OLPC (a project initiated by Minister Adriaens in 2009) was received with great interest. As it turned out, one of the students was involved in a similar project in Jamaica. Watch the videos here and here and here. Ace Suares (Suares & Co) held a lecture about using Moodle (a Free and Open Source Electronic Learning Environment).

Kids in Jamaica holding thier OLPC laptop computer

Kids in Jamaica holding their OLPC laptop computer

Governor Goedgedrag praises Open Source in Christmas Speech

Governer Mr. Frits Goedgedrag praises Open Source
In his Christmas Speech, Governor of the Netherlands Antilles Mr. Frits Goedgedrag, praises Open Source as being non-egoistic and altruistic. The Governor finds Open Source to fit into the desired behaviour of the people of the Netherlands Antilles, as he states that giving without the need to receive is much better then giving while expecting something in return. He also sees sharing as a neccesity for our society.

Jobs: PHP/MySQL developer at AYO Software

Company culture

We are a young, informal and dynamic company. Professionalism, career opportunities and collegiality are key words. We work in a casual atmosphere, without losing track of deadlines and quality of development. We do not hesitate to share our knowledge, so there is always someone to help you.

Job requirements

The senior must have outstanding written and oral communication skills. They must fulfill the following requirements:

– Detailed knowledge of PHP, MySQL, CSS, Javascript and HTML;
– Minimal 5 years experience in PHP and MySQL;
– Careful programming style;

– Strong analytical and problem solving skills, and the ability to apply these in a team;

– Experience and Expertise with OO development in PHP is required;
– Experience and Expertise with Linux / FreeBSD, (Shell scripting) is preferred;
– Knowledge of jQuery is a plus.

In addition to having mastered the above languages, the senior also has to be familiar with working on the console (Linux), CVS and Subversion.

Are you interested in this vacancy and your CV matches with the required profile? E-mail your CV and motivation to

For more information, please contact Frija van den Hout on phone number +5999 4659950.