Jamaica language students meet Curaçao open source experts.

Some Language Students from Jamaica visiting Curaçao

Some Language Students from Jamaica visiting Curaçao

Every year for the past four years, a group of about 25 Language Students from Jamaica visits the Netherlands Antilles. This year, Monique Raphaëla and Ace Suares gave a lecture on OLPC and Open Source to the students, who reserved time for it on their busy schedules.

The lecture of Mrs Raphaëla (Stimul-IT) about OLPC (a project initiated by Minister Adriaens in 2009) was received with great interest. As it turned out, one of the students was involved in a similar project in Jamaica. Watch the videos here and here and here. Ace Suares (Suares & Co) held a lecture about using Moodle (a Free and Open Source Electronic Learning Environment).

Kids in Jamaica holding thier OLPC laptop computer

Kids in Jamaica holding their OLPC laptop computer