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The project AMI (Abilidat Maximo saka for di mi Identidat), executed by Splikami and funded by the Minister of Education of the Netherlands Antilles aims at giving young people a second chance at becoming an ‘ICT-assistant level 2’. The project, also known as ‘A Computer for Every House’ includes lessons in Open Source, given by a local Open Source expert during February and March 2009. In the first lesson, the students (age 18-22) learned to install Ubuntu 8.10 and to create a WordPress Blog. In the second lesson, they installed several programs from the OpenDisc project, like Blender, the GIMP, OpenOffice, Audacity (for editing music) and Pidgin (for Instant Messaging). In the third and fourth lesson, the pupils will learn to program Ruby from Hackety Hack and the last lesson will be dedicated to an evaluation of  the learned skills.

It is amazing how fast the youngsters pick up Open Source software and how easy it is to install. The students immediately began to make copies of Ubuntu and the OpenDisc and installed them at home and gave copies to their friends. 2 of the students where very enthusiastic about programming and they quickly followed the lessons provided by the interactive Hackety Hack tutor.